Mushrooms containing psilocybin are potentially illegal substances, and we do not advise or condone the use of this substance in jurisdictions where it is prohibited. Yet, we recognize that illegal drug use occurs and believe that providing accurate information on harm reduction is essential to ensuring public safety. This guidance is therefore intended to safeguard the safety of people who choose to take the substance. We do not advocate the use of this substance outside of legal or traditional contexts.

Remember that mushroom potency can vary significantly from batch to batch and from one part of a mushroom to another (cap and stem can have different concentrations). Due to these natural variances, chopping or grinding numerous mushrooms and homogenizing the material can help lessen the chance of psilocybin doses that are unexpectedly strong (or mild).

Mixing hallucinogenic mushrooms with alcohol or other intoxicating substances is never advised. Use with caution, and we hope you appreciate our mushrooms as much as we do!

How Should Magic Mushrooms Be Kept?
Our magic mushrooms are dried and have a very long shelf life when stored in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

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